The Struggle is real

Nepotism in Papua New Guinea is a virus that is decaying the fabrics of service delivery within Papua New Guinea.

Basic services like health, education and infrastructure is unable to reach remote rural districts of Papua New Guinea.

And yet the authorities think it appropriate to spend their entire terms building up wealth then serving the people.

Now they want to take away the people’s freedom of speech. The main media is being manipulated by the authorities. So how can truth be told? Such is the lives Papua New Guineans live…foreigner on their own land!


Looking beyond

I have come a long way.

I have lost every one

I call family, people I love.

I have reached out to them

For forgiveness and reconciliation

But I am still standing alone.

And now with sinking heart

And overwhelming sorrow

I’m looking beyond this;

I’m moving forward but faraway

From here. I have to start a new

Beginning, knowing nobody.

I also know I will find new friends

And some very close ones.

This is my anthem,

An anthem of a melanesian woman.

The burden of Sorrow

Since I saw you that day

I could think of nothing else;

My thoughts were of you

Even now writing, I can feel your love;

I could feel your smile

And I think to myself if

Just maybe if you could put away that grudge

I know you can almost hear my

Heart call your name

Softly and tenderly

The music of love.

Be yourself

Won’t you see yourself in the mirror?

And find you bargain for?

It’s all there; examine yourself

Your answer stares back at you.

Time you believe and walk through.

You are uniquely created.

Not your toilet

Today I watched a married man

Walking by, very much hungry,

Stood at the counter and

Eye-balling this woman, very

Unashamedly hoping and wishing

That she would be willing.

Tomorrow you pull your trousers up

And run to your wife with your staff

Pretending it was protected and preserved.

You snakes, who told you

Every single woman wants to get laid!

Go to your wife and remove your toilet there.

Respect us as human beings just as you are.

To the males in PNG

Now What

I take a deep breath and I live


I want to relive this day so

I take a deep breath. And I live


one more day. I know you hate me now,

I take deep breath and I live,


hoping you’ll learn to forgive yourself one day

That you’ll take a deep breath and live someday.

Hatred with-held

Lived  a wildlife in silence;

I squandered what was given me;

The strife stirred among brothers;

they are never giving up on the never ending war.

Though my  peace-seeking heart

is reaching for the high esteem,

the crowding troubles between

the two esteems emblem,

is all crystal clear; a better calling.


Photo courtesy @ 2017 Nicholas Jeremiah