Still waiting

I am still waiting

for your sweet letter

of revenge over the truth told.


Now What

I take a deep breath and I live


I want to relive this day so

I take a deep breath. And I live


one more day. I know you hate me now,

I take deep breath and I live,


hoping you’ll learn to forgive yourself one day

That you’ll take a deep breath and live someday.

Hatred with-held

Lived  a wildlife in silence;

I squandered what was given me;

The strife stirred among brothers;

they are never giving up on the never ending war.

Though my  peace-seeking heart

is reaching for the high esteem,

the crowding troubles between

the two esteems emblem,

is all crystal clear; a better calling.


Photo courtesy @ 2017 Nicholas Jeremiah

I watch it die

I watch it die with agony;

as it sinks into tyranny

I watch;

floats on hands of insanity;

roaring waves of publicity.

No match;

the fuming anger of cruelty

pounding conscience fist of sanity

I catch.