Not your toilet

Today I watched a married man

Walking by, very much hungry,

Stood at the counter and

Eye-balling this woman, very

Unashamedly hoping and wishing

That she would be willing.

Tomorrow you pull your trousers up

And run to your wife with your staff

Pretending it was protected and preserved.

You snakes, who told you

Every single woman wants to get laid!

Go to your wife and remove your toilet there.

Respect us as human beings just as you are.

To the males in PNG


Not of our own

We are not of our own;

Your desire and passion

Only last long as you are alive.

Your choices define who you really are.

We can never change the fact. Never.

Now What

I take a deep breath and I live


I want to relive this day so

I take a deep breath. And I live


one more day. I know you hate me now,

I take deep breath and I live,


hoping you’ll learn to forgive yourself one day

That you’ll take a deep breath and live someday.

Hatred with-held

Lived  a wildlife in silence;

I squandered what was given me;

The strife stirred among brothers;

they are never giving up on the never ending war.

Though my  peace-seeking heart

is reaching for the high esteem,

the crowding troubles between

the two esteems emblem,

is all crystal clear; a better calling.


Photo courtesy @ 2017 Nicholas Jeremiah

I watch it die

I watch it die with agony;

as it sinks into tyranny

I watch;

floats on hands of insanity;

roaring waves of publicity.

No match;

the fuming anger of cruelty

pounding conscience fist of sanity

I catch.