Still waiting

I am still waiting

for your sweet letter

of revenge over the truth told.


Now What

I take a deep breath and I live


I want to relive this day so

I take a deep breath. And I live


one more day. I know you hate me now,

I take deep breath and I live,


hoping you’ll learn to forgive yourself one day

That you’ll take a deep breath and live someday.

Hatred with-held

Lived  a wildlife in silence;

I squandered what was given me;

The strife stirred among brothers;

they are never giving up on the never ending war.

Though my  peace-seeking heart

is reaching for the high esteem,

the crowding troubles between

the two esteems emblem,

is all crystal clear; a better calling.


Photo courtesy @ 2017 Nicholas Jeremiah

I watch it die

I watch it die with agony;

as it sinks into tyranny

I watch;

floats on hands of insanity;

roaring waves of publicity.

No match;

the fuming anger of cruelty

pounding conscience fist of sanity

I catch.






Somewhere out there

Somewhere out there

there is a loner finding his way home;

with a morsel of advice from his sier.

He thrust forward; one desire for a kingdom.


Somewhere out there

the day becomes brighter by the minute.

Someone is perceiving the fulfillment of desire,

strangely enough, the sound of a meet

is but an inch apart and ’bout to start

Somewhere out there.

  • photo courtesy of  Yipma Yangi posted on Anga Facebook page.

The Essence of Life

What you believe is what you receive.

Perception changes everything.

We have utilized this principle

that we change water to ice:

we walk on water;

predict the future and all the impossibilities.

I perceive and I get what I desire;

We harness this forbidden power. Or is it not?


We glory in the arenas of our prized choice.

We indulge shamelessly

and our nakedness becomes more evident.

The magical stunt (or is it cult) we pull off

and we are branded as crazy and amazing.


But only one thing is unreachable:

The essence of life.

The breadth of life to move and

have our conscious being

is what we aren’t able to attain.

This is the proof of God’s sovereignty

over the human race and the dark powers.